Exploring some desert canyons…

Hello everyone,

I’m in the El Paso Mountains today, shooting photographs with my SLR, and of course, videos with my drone.  Well, I’m shooting stills with my drone, as well!

The temperature is in the 60’s, and there is a light breeze.  I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend.

The danger of inadvertently allowing my drone to stray into restricted airspace is a real one, here in the Mojave Desert.  To keep this from happening, I use the following resources, so that I know where I am operating at all times:

  1.  The FAA’s “B4UFLY” application.  This app. has limited use, in my opinion, because it admonishes one not to fly if you are anywhere near restricted airspace, even if there are no Temporary Flight Restrictions.
  2. An app. called “Hover.”
  3. A current aviation Sectional chart.
  4. A map of the area – such as a road or trail map.
  5. The Back Country Navigator app., which uses my phone’s actual satellite-based GPS receiver.

Correlating items 2 through 5 with each each other indicate that I am not operating in restricted airspace, despite the B4UFLY app.’s admonition not to fly.  Even the B4UFLY’s own map clearly shows that I am clear of restricted airspace.

Still, military aircaft do fly this area at low altituded, so I am extremely watchful when I fly.




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