Drone Photograph: Calico Mountains…


Another folded rock formation in the Calico Mountains.  This image was taken during a visit in November, 2017.  DJI Phantom 4.  1/2500th sec. F/2.8.  ISO 100.


Trail To Red Rock…

…State Park, that is.

Notice how the trail shown in this image seems to disappear into the reddish rock formations in the distance.  Those rock formations are located within Red Rock State Park.  This  trail is one of many that snake through the El Paso Mountain Range.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains can be seen in the background.


1/1250th sec. @ f/2.8.  ISO 100.  DJI Phantom 4.  January, 2018.  All rights reserved.

Dark Canyon…In Black and White…

I really enjoy black and white photography.  Ok, my DJI Phantom 4 can’t take photos in black and white, so I have to convert the images to black and white in “post-production.”

Even so, the contrast between light and shadow fascinates me, and is dramatically illustrated in this photo that was taken in November, 2017 in the Calico Mountains.

1/600th sec. @ f/2.8.  ISO 100.  All rights reserved. 

Drone Versus Airplane: A Dangerous Mix…

So, I suppose that I’m expected to join the ranks of those who are condemning the flight of a drone over Las Vegas, during which an airliner on final approach is seen passing beneath the drone, in the video that was shot by the drone.  Ok, I hereby condemn this idiotic act.

That sounds rather flippant, you say?  Well, as far as I’m concerned, this act is so obviously reckless, and plain stupid, that I don’t think that I really need to add my voice to the mix.  I do think that the FAA should investigate and then identify this person.  Then, this “pilot” should be punished.  Severely.  With jail time.  After the perpetrator is punished, the Government should announce this to the world, as a reminder that this type of behavior is intolerable.